Sixteen Island Lake Union Church
116 years of worship… and counting
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Sixteen Island Lake Union Church was conceived by a small group of devoted women, under the leadership of Mrs Tracy Ludington, who, realizing the necessity of Protestant witness in the community, banded together in July 1906 to establish the church. Mr Tracy Ludington provided the beautiful site and the pavilion which was built on it.

For thirty-odd years the entire work, other than money contributions, was carried on by the women of the community, and generally the ministers who conducted the services were entertained over the week-end by the Ludingtons. Upon the death of Mr Ludington, a clause in his will vested in the Union Church in perpetuity, the pavilion and the land on which it stands, provided services are held there each year.

Since Mrs Ludington’s death some years later, a committee of men and women have been appointed yearly by the congregation, to maintain and preserve this lovely little sanctuary in the woods, as its founders would have them do. Let us all do our utmost to keep faith with those who have passed on, and help to build a strong Christian church upon the foundations they laid.
2020-2021 Executive
Deborah J. Oldman-Brown, president
vacant, vice-president
Laura Prince, secretary/treasurer
Gloria Gray
Louise Hamilton
Nancy Hamilton
Ross Hamilton
Jack Hyde
Kathie Hyde
Nan Laurenzio
Mandy Logan
Cathy Mavriplis
Maxine Morehouse
Bert Nettles
Elizabeth Nettles
Board of Directors
Contact Information
Mailing Address:
244 avenue Maple
Saint-Lambert, QC J4P 2R9
Summer 2021
After a 2020 summer when we could not meet in person, pavilion and virtual worship will be held July 18th at 10 am. This service will be led by members of the community and will follow the Morning Prayer format. A Zoom link will be found on the website and will emailed to those whose email addresses we have.

On August 1st, also at 10 am, Peter Lekx, an Anglican seminary intern, will lead worship. The Zoom link will be posted on the church website and will be emailed to those whose email addresses we have. All in-person participants will be required to wear masks and singing will not occur. But, we will be together to worship our Lord and be blessed by community love.

Many thanks to Nancy and Ross Hamilton for supplying the technology for the broadcast.